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Good morning, Tumblr.

I love the internet. I really do. I defend it all the time and appreciate the ability to share information, say what you’re thinking, and sometimes even say the things you may be hesitant to share in a face to face conversation. So this morning, I have an apology.

I am sorry, Tumblr, I am sorry that I feel homophobia, sexism, and misogyny do not deserve MTV music awards. I am sorry that lyrics like “Starve her til I carve her and shove her in the Rover, cut her like a barber with Parkinson’s disorder,” “fuck coke because I’m snorting Hitler’s ashes,” and “I’m not weird, you’re just a faggot” are offensive to me. I’m sorry I don’t understand the “satire.” I’m sorry that I don’t find him tweeting “If Tegan or Sara need a hard dick hit me up” funny, satirical, or anything less than insulting, disgusting, and offensive. I’m sorry that I don’t think this person is a role model. I’m sorry that everyone on Tumblr is psychic and automatically knows that I have only listened to one Tyler the Creator song, and that I love Eminem and Chis Brown and they win awards and no one cares. Actually, I’m sorry that I didn’t include the long list of other people whose music I find too offensive to be winning televised music awards, Eminem included, in that post. I should have also probably mentioned how distasteful I find Chris Brown’s performance and career in general. But thanks, Tumblr, for clearing that up for me, and for your insightful suggestions. 

I’m sorry that I don’t see the pleasure, humor, or sense in telling random people in the internet to “go fuck themselves” or that they are “worthless piece of shit bloggers” over a disagreement of musical taste. Actually, over anything. I’m sure everyone is proud of themselves, sitting at their computers, offering this wonderful commentary on what has turned out to be, surprisingly, and interesting reblog discussion about the intent and context of Tyler the Creator’s music.

I never post anything on this blog expecting everyone to agree with me. If that were the case, what would be the point of blogging? Tumblr is a fascinating, fast-paced community, and disagreement often spurs intellectual conversation and I find that I usually learn something. I get messages, telling me that I’m wrong, I’m a liberal, I’m stupid, whatever but this, however, this is different. What are you going to achieve, telling someone they are a fucking idiot because they don’t agree with you? How can you blatantly be so sure that you fucking hate someone you don’t know? 

Before I go on a tangent cyber-bullying rant, I’ll end this here. We live in a rape culture. We live in a world where people - young women especially - idolize men who continually talk about - and do - rape, kill, and abuse women. And we live in a world where men do it to each other, too. If the intent is satirical, it is misguided. If the lyrics of a song are too vulgar, too offensive to play on the radio or be performed on television, if the audience of a show is mostly young people, if the acceptance speech is going to be a curse-ridden tirade directed towards children, what does giving that “artist” and award say to the world? What does it say to women, to children, to homosexuals, to anyone who lives below the privilege line? 

Rappers can rap about whatever they want. Singers can sing about whatever they want. You can stand on your corner with your protest sign, and everyone can tell you what they think. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be getting any awards for your twisted, disgusting, hate-ridden words. 

I’m taking a few days Tumblr break. The responses to the Tyler the Creator post have sickened and disgusted me to a point where I don’t want to be anywhere near my computer. The messages I have received have reminded me what a cruel lover the Internet can be, and how quickly the hateful commentary and overuse of profanity that I try to keep off my blog has surfaced. So me and my worthless piece of shit blogger ass will drink some tea, catch up on some sleep, and see you all in a little while for regularly scheduled RFN programming. 

Let the inbox overflow commence. 
If you’re a sexist, racist, homophobe, or basically an asshole, I don’t care if you like me, I hate you.
- Kurt Cobain  (via d0ublethink)

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What we found was that in G-rated movies, for every one female character, there were three male characters. If it was a group scene, it would change to five to one, male to female.

Of the female characters that existed, the majority are highly stereotyped and/or hypersexualized. To me, the most disturbing thing was that the female characters in G-rated movies wear the same amount of sexually revealing clothing as the female characters in R-rated movies.

And then we looked at aspirations and occupations and things like that. Pretty much the only aspiration for female characters was finding romance, whereas there are practically no male characters whose ultimate goal is finding romance. The No. 1 occupation was royalty. Nice gig, if you can get it. And we found that the majority of female characters in animated movies have a body type that can’t exist in real life. So, the question you can think of from all this is: What message are we sending to kids?

- Geena Davis (via reelaroundthefountain)

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